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Happy at Home Package

All the basic skills required for a happy, polite house pet in just a month! In four separate hour long lessons, you and your dog will learn Focus, Sit, Down, Leave it, Wait & Coming when called.


Intermediate Package

Learning some more advanced skills like heel, extended stays and a sending away command (like "go lay down"). This package is for four separate one hour lessons.


Advanced Package

Four separate one hour long lessons focused on overcoming distractions. This is for dogs who may behave well at home but might jump on strangers at the park. Or they walk nicely around the block but pull a lot at the pet store. They may lay down nicely all through dinner at home but have no chill on the brewery patio.

$200 per litter

Puppy Culture

The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life can lay a foundation for a happy, healthy, confident dog.


Public school teachers and public library employees get a 20% discount on all services.


Need help with your dog but don't have any extra money in your budget? I will work for trade. If there is something you think is worth a trade, don't hesitate to contact me!



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