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My foundation in dog training was built while working at Longmont Humane Society. I saw many sad stories of dogs being surrendered or abandoned, often for basic obedience issues. My own dog, Bodhi, was surrendered there by his family when he was 5 months old. He remained there for a few months before I took him home.

After the Humane Society, I began going to school for Zoo Keeping in Colorado Springs. While going to school, I worked at a dog daycare/boarding facility. Day in and day out, I was managing large groups of dogs together. This helped me learn to read dog body language. In school, I was learning about animal behavior and falling in love with training.

After a brief stint as a keeper at Pueblo Zoo, I realized my passion was training and zoo keepers don’t always have the luxury of focusing on that. So I began dog training professionally. I worked for a positive-only company and a company that does negative reinforcement (shock collar only). Using positive methods first, I strive to have dogs and their owners form happy families.


Why Local?

Choosing an independent local trainer is your best option.

"Why should I find an independent trainer?"

This answer is the same for any small businesses. When you choose me to train your dog, the money is much more likely to stay local and help our community thrive. It will go to my mechanic or be spent paying my utility bill. If you go to a franchise, the money gets sucked out to wherever the headquarters are located and a CEO will be able to buy another boat. Not all independent trainers are created equally however, so be sure to do your homework and ask lots of questions about their background and training methods.

"Petco/Petsmart does training and they're cheaper."

I will teach you more in 4 lessons than the corporate stores will teach you in 6. How do I know? I've worked for them. You also need to have a set schedule and to bring your dog to the store for group classes. I can come to you for individual attention whenever works best for you and your family. Since I am not stuck in the store, I can be in the settings where your dog is struggling. For example, if your dog walks pretty well on leash during store classes but still won't listen while you wait at the school bus stop, I can meet you there and work through the problem as it is happening.

"How much do you charge for a second dog?"

My hourly rate remains the same no matter how many dogs you have at home. Not all dogs respond to the same techniques and my goal is for your family to get along better. That being said, if you have two dogs with drastically different issues, like separation anxiety vs leash reactivity, it will take longer to work on the problems.

"I wanted to send my dog away for a board and train because I don't have the time to train my dog."

Board and train programs sound perfect- send your dog away for a week or two and receive back a perfectly trained dog. Unfortunately, dogs do not generalize well. This is why some dogs have one family member they're obedient for while being naughty with others. Keeping up that training at home with you instead of the trainer is going to be very challenging. If you train your dog with my coaching, you will better understand your dog, the training and you will be building trust along the way. I will work around your schedule and am flexible about needing to reschedule. Walk-and-trains are a half-step that combine lessons with you and training time with just me and your dog. Check the Book Online tab for more details or contact me!

"I just don't have the money in my budget for dog training right now."

We've all been there. I will work for trade. If you can mow my lawn for an hour, I can train your dog for an hour. If you have any skill or product that you think might be worth the trade, don't hesitate to contact me! Also, if you foster dogs I'll do a lesson for free.



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